Gina Harwood

Realtor, MBA, PSA

About Gina Harwood

I'm The Squeaky Wheel for Your Deal...

Can I be brutally honest with you? If not, stop reading :)
There are THOUSANDS of agents in South Florida. Last I checked, like 80,000.
I can tell you from dealing with them myself that most of them are AWFUL.
They do not answer calls or texts, and they certainly don't call you back. They don't care if your property sells quickly, they just want to get both sides of the deal-- they are GREEDY!
One of the ways I separate myself is by simply (for me) not being lazy nor nonresponsive.
Ask any client I've worked with, closed business or not, I WILL follow up. I WILL communicate regularly. I WILL answer my phone and/or call you back! That is more than MOST agents can say.
Real Estate is not a difficult job. I certainly didn't need to get an MBA to do this job. However, it does require long hours and lots of communication and follow up. All of which I can assure you I'm going to do, while being professional, courteous and persistent.
At your lowest point in life, your word and your work ethic may be all you have, so I want to ensure mine are worth something!


My team, The Lucy & Luci Group turns real estate transactions into fun interactions! Message me if you are looking to buy, sell, invest or rent residential or commercial property or do a 1031 real property exchange. I'd love to help! I can also connect you with a reputable brokerage in other states and countries around the world.
What's with the name? The Lucy & Luci Group? Well, in 2017, when I met my husband, I had a dog named Lucy and he had a dog named Luci. The 2 became sisters instantly! It was meant to be.

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